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Canon's Automatic Bounce Flash Speedlite 470EX-AI with Photographer Vanessa Joy

See how easy it is to improve the look of your photos with automatic bounce flash. Join photographer Vanessa Joy as she walks you through the features of Canon's Speedlite 470EX-AI at a lively kids' birthday party.

Oct 19, 2018 - Oct 21, 2018
Searchlight , NV $749 (CPS Discount: $50)
Epic landscape, a great location, stunning models and Canon—it can’t get any better! Join us for this unique workshop experience at the Ghost Town in Nelson, Nevada.
Presented by Mason Higa , Jon Lorentz

Revisiting Route 66 With My Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

In this article, I’ll share with you some of my favorite images [of Route 66] along with some photography and processing tips. In the subsequent articles, I’ll share more new images along with additional photo tips.


Capturing Great Family Vacation Photos

A family vacation is one of those special events throughout the year that you’ll want to remember. It’s a good idea to plan ahead, so you’re prepared to photograph the moments you want to cherish. Here are some things to think about from packing to unpacking.


1 Speedlite, 5 Photography Tips

Stepping from available light into the world of strobes is one of the most critical moves a photographer can make in their career. It can also be extremely intimidating. To combat the terror and suspicion, I encourage photographers on this journey by telling them to start with one light.

Aug 30, 2018 - Aug 30, 2018
Bronx , NY $149
Join Canon instructor Eric Stoner at the landmark New York Botanical Gardens for an afternoon of learning and fun, while discovering a myriad of techniques with macro and flower photography.
Presented by Eric Stoner
Nov 09, 2018 - Nov 11, 2018
Los Angeles , CA $1,750 (CPS Discount: $100)
Plane spotting is fun, but you're often stuck behind a fence or find yourself driving perimeter roads looking for the best-unobstructed view, all while wishing you could be on the field. Now's your chance! In this exclusive workshop, join Canon and famed aviation photographer, Mike Kelley, as we go on the field at LAX.

Photographing Fireworks

Fireworks are one of the most inspiring and photogenic, yet challenging, subjects to capture. Learn which settings and accessories can help you in those shooting situations.


Making BALLiSTIC: A Short Film Shot on Canon EOS C200s

Director Ryan Connolly of Film Riot used Canon EOS C200 digital cinema cameras to shoot his short film, BALLiSTIC. This behind-the-scenes film, Making BALLiSTIC, details his choice of the C200 for the film, and its use in the shooting of the BTS, then takes a look at the workflow behind this superb short ┬┐that blurs the lines between Hollywood and independent.┬┐


Creative Uses of Extreme Focal Lengths for Landscape Photography

Compositions that fall well outside these limits have the potential to evoke the more abstract qualities of human perception, such as the ability of our brains to combine certain visual stimuli and to isolate others. For the photographer who would like to emphasize the ‘mind’s eye,’ extreme focal lengths have a lot to offer.

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