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Perfect Exposure for Post Production with Jared Platt

Jared Platt
July 31, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Free Seminar
Canon Live Learning Orange County
123 Paularino Avenue
Costa Mesa, California 92626


Your post production depends on getting a perfect exposure in camera and that doesn’t mean the image will look perfect on your camera’s LCD screen.  Understanding what your camera can capture, how much you can recover from your highlights and your shadows and what the histogram is telling you is critical to getting an exposure that will give you a perfect image in the end. 

Join Jared Platt at the Canon Experience Center and learn how to translate what you see on your camera’s LCD and make the very best exposures in any lighting condition.  Jared will teach you everything from accurately reading your histogram to using your camera’s settings and capabilities to get perfect exposures every time, even in rapidly changing lighting conditions.  You will learn how to get the right exposures for everything from landscapes to portraits, flash to HDR.  And with prefect exposures, your ability to work on your images in post production will be magnified. 

This class is perfect for photographers at every level.  Jared has the ability to teach to every skill level at the same time and insure that everyone gets something great out of the class. 


 Jared Platt is an international photographer and photographic lecturer.  Jared began his photographic studies in landscape and documentary photography, but his work morphed over time to include portraits and lifestyle photography and today you will find his images are a perfect blend of the three genres.  You can catch him teaching photography, lighting and photo editing at the B&H Event Space, at creativeLIVE, on Profoto’s youTube light shaping series "What's the Difference”, at the Canon Experience Center and at International photo conferences around the globe.  Jared has been teaching photography for 20 years and has been a working photographer for the last quarter century.  Jared will change your understanding of photography and put you on the path to your very best work.  Don't miss the opportunity to learn from him whenever you get the chance.

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