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Extreme OCF: Taking Off-Camera Flash to New Heights with Cathy Anderson

Cathy Anderson
August 10, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Free Seminar
Canon Live Learning Orange County
123 Paularino Avenue
Costa Mesa, California 92626


Let's face it: athletes are bored with traditional sports portraiture--just holding a ball or standing statically in place; they want something more. They are looking for a different athletic portrait—something more dynamic, exciting, and intense. Sportraits fuse the world of portraits and athletics to give your client the dynamic and exciting sports portrait ready to grace the cover of any sports magazine—the photo they’ve been craving.  Mixing movement, dynamic lighting, interactive posing, a strong knowledge of sports, and what athletes want is the foundation of this new movement in sports portraiture.

Off-camera flash has become a staple in the photographic landscape, using dynamic lighting to create vibrant portraits that wow audiences.  Why not take traditional off-camera flash up a notch?  We will explore the world of extreme sports (fire spinning, highlining, rock climbing, kayaking) and portraits (volleyball, soccer, football), learn how to use daring and extreme OCF setups to elevate your adventure and sports photography to new heights.  You'll get to experience the crazy and exciting setups, landscapes, talented athletes, and essential safety setups that guarantee that my extreme photo sessions are a success.  In an athletic portrait world dominated by natural light, I want to bust the stereotypical way of doing things and show that we can accomplish amazing things the more we think outside the box.

Finally, this class will explore the psychology of how an athletic brain works and what an athlete wants, plus all of the essential on-the-job necessities: posing, dynamic lighting, special effects, and unique post-processing techniques (everything you need to make your photographs pop).  You’ll also learn that creating a composited portrait is not necessary to create an exciting “sportrait” your clients will love; we'll cover tips that will help you get the most dynamic image possible in-camera, including essential lighting techniques and fun special effects.  We will also explore optional and minimal compositing techniques that will enhance the standard sportrait session, adding extra money in your pocket in the sales room!  We will also explain how to target and market to your ideal sportrait client (not just seniors!) and the products they want to buy, as well as how to keep a strong social media presence to ensure that you remain the go-to photographer within the athletic sportrait market.

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