"Fragments," a wedding story by Joe Simon, filmed with the EOS C100 Mark II

February 27, 2015

"Fragments" by Joe Simon is a cinematic story of love and marriage, filmed with the EOS C100 Mark II. Watch the short film, then go behind the scenes with Joe to learn the lighting, lensing and camera techniques he used to capture the whimsical and ethereal moments throughout the couple's life.

Topics include:

  • A look at Joe's planning and preproduction process
  • "How to" tips on making a wedding short film
  • Use of lighting effects to create "layers"
  • How transition sequences where used to create a sense of time passing
  • How Face Detect AF helped track subjects in challenging low light conditions with long zooms
  • How the camera's built-in Wi-Fi feature enabled shooting from a car rig
  • Which lenses to choose, use and why


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