EOS C300 Tutorial Series

November 19, 2012

Learn how to use the features and functions of the EOS C300 in these instructional tutorials, hosted by Canon Digital Learning Center contributor Jem Schofield. These videos will give you the information you need to make the most of this camera system, and hit the ground running in any production environment.

Topics include:

      - Exposure

      - Gamma

      - Custom Picture Menu

      - Creating a Custom Picture

      - Assign Button Feature

      - Best Practices for Recording

      - Multi Camera Setup

      - Wireless Shooting

      - Transferring Custom Pictures

      - Audio Features


Special thanks to the following companies for their support:

      - Abel Cine
      - ARRI
      - Avenger
      - Dedolight
      - DSC Labs
      - Kino Flo
      - Lee Filters
      - Manfrotto
      - Marshall Electronics
      - Matthews Studio Equipment
      - RØDE Microphones
      - Sachtler
      - Sekonic
      - Tenba
      - Zacuto

Thanks to the following crew and technical consultants for their hard work and contribution:

      - Tom Bergin
      - Ross Corsair
      - Giuseppe Malpasso
      - Matt Porwoll
      - Brent Ramsey
      - Erika Silverstein

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