Standard Set-Up for imagePROGRAF Printers

March 30, 2011

If you ever plan on moving your printer to another location in the future, remember that you will need the belt stopper (in other words, do NOT throw it away)

This tip will walk you through standard set-up for the imagePROGRAF (iPF) 5100, 6100, 6200, 8100, and 9100 printers. First thing's first: Build the stand, before setting up the printer. It is recommended that you lay out all of the parts before you start. Follow the instructions that came with the printer stand (it should take about 20 minutes to fully assemble).

Initial Setup

Remove the tape and protective material in the top cover and ejection guide (Note: ejection guide only applies to iPF5100, iPF6100, and iPF 6200). After removing the tape and protective material, reinstall the ejection guide. Lift the belt stopper of the carriage shaft and pull it forward to remove it.

If you ever plan on moving your printer to another location in the future, remember that you will need the belt stopper (in other words, do NOT throw it away). Place the power cord into the power supply connector on the back of the printer, then plug into an outlet. Press the power button to turn on the printer. Open the top cover when the LCD screen instructs you to do so.

Next, pull the first print head lever forward, and then flip out the second lever. Holding the print head by the grips, remove it from the case. Do not touch the print head nozzles, or metal contacts! This may damage the print head and affect printing quality. Remove the small orange safety cap.

Then, while squeezing the grips of the larger orange safety cap, pull down to remove. Never touch the ink supply section (this may cause printing problems). With nozzles facing down and the metal contacts toward the back, insert the print head into the carriage. Carefully push the print head firmly to carriage. Pull the print head cover down toward the front to lock the print head in place. Push the print head lever toward the back of the printer until it clicks. Now install the second print head, and close the top cover.

Next, the LCD screen will instruct you to install the ink tanks. Open the ink tank cover. Select a color and open up the blue lid. Before removing ink from the pouch, agitate the tank by gently shaking it seven or eight times. Open the pouch and remove the ink tank. Insert the tank into the holder with the ink holes down. Close the ink tank lever until it clicks. Make sure the ink lamp is red, and install the rest of the ink tanks.

To load a roll with a three-inch paper core (iPF5100, iPF6100 & iPF6200), insert the three-inch paper core attachment onto the roll holder. Align the triangular part, and insert.

For iPF8100 (Roll Holder Set RH3-42) & iPF9100 (Roll Holder Set RH3-63), you must have optional three-inch paper core. Open the roll paper unit cover. Insert the roll onto the roll holder so that the paper is facing out. Inside the printer where the roll of paper is placed there is a black side and a grey side.

Make sure the black side of the roll holder matches the black side of the printer and same with grey side of the holder matching the grey side of the printer. Insert the edge of the roll paper into the paper feed slot and feed it manually until you hear the 'paper feed' tone. The printer should now start advancing the paper.

In the printer menu, use the up or down arrows to select your roll paper media type.  For example, the iPF5100, iPF6100 and iPF6200 come with Canon's Premium Matte paper.  Select Premium Matte in the menu, then press the 'OK" button.  Close the roll paper unit cover.


To run the calibration process, select Main Menu < Adjust Printer.  Then, select Calibration < Auto Adjust < Yes.  Press the OK button. Make sure to use the roll paper that came with your printer to run the calibration (Premium Matte, in most cases). This will insure consistent output color results.

Firmware Update

Please follow the instructions below to update your firmware from the Canon Download Library

  1. Select “Printers”
  2. Select “ ImagePROGRAF Series"
  3. Select your model

Click “Go”

This will bring you to a Driver & Downloads page. Make sure to select your correct operating system. After you have downloaded the latest firmware for your printer, run the firmware installer and restart your computer. Once you have rebooted your computer, go to your Application folder and run the imagePROGRAF Firmware Update Tool.

Media Configuration Tool

We are constantly updating and adding more media information for you to use while printing on your iPF printers. We recommend checking our download site periodically to ensure you have the current media installed on your system and iPF printers.

To download the latest Media Configuration Tool for your iPF printer, follow the steps described above to get to the Download Library. You can also select the right-most tab -- labeled "Drivers and Downloads" -- from the product information page of your printer.

Make sure to select your correct operating system. After you have downloaded the latest Media Configuration Tool for your printer, run the firmware installer. Once you have installed the Media Configuration Tool, go to your Applications folder, scroll down to find the Canon Utilities folder and run the "iPFxxxx Media Configuration Tool."

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