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Setting up a PIXMA Pro-1 Printer

April 30, 2012

The PIXMA PRO-1 printer ships with a full set of cartridges, and all the necessary accessories to start printing right away. This article covers in detail all the steps you need to follow, from opening the box to making your first print.

Once you have the PIXMA Pro-1 unpacked and out of the box, remove all of the orange protective tape. Pieces can be hidden under slots and doors, so be sure to thoroughly check the printer. Turn the printer on, and let it flash for about two minutes until it stays lit. Never unplug the Pro-1 (or any printer) without powering it down first. When a printer is powered down correctly, the print head sits in a place where it will not dry out. Removing the power cord while the printer is on may cause drying and clogging of the print head.

STEP 1: Installing the ink

The PIXMA PRO-1 features a brand new LUCIA 12-color ink set that consists of:

Six color inks
Cyan Photo Cyan
Magenta Photo Magenta
Yellow Red

Five monochrome inks
Photo Black Dark Gray
Matte Black Light Gray

One new Chroma Optimizer

To install the ink cartridges, press the "tank cover open" button, and both left and right covers should open. The top cover should remain closed. Shake the ink tanks a few times horizontally making sure you do not touch the digital chips. Do not force the ink cartridges; they are "keyed" so they will be easily installed where they belong. When installed properly, all of the cartridges should display a solid red light. Close the left and right covers making sure that they "click."

STEP 2: Installing the Print Head

Open the top cover completely, and remove the print head cover.

The print head holder should move to the installation position. Press the blue Lock Button (marked C), and the Joint Lever (marked D), and open the Print Head Lock (marked E). Hold the Print Head from its blue handle-avoid touching the metal parts (marked F). Make sure it is straight before lowering the Print Head Lock Lever (E). Close the Joint Lever (D) until it clicks.

Now, go and get some coffee. The printer will be making noises for the next 20 minutes. Whatever you do, don't interrupt this process. When this step is complete, the white power lamp should be lit and NOT blinking.

The next step is installing the included printer drivers on your computer.

STEP 3: Installing the software

The following steps are virtually identical for Mac OS and Windows OS.

  1. Insert the provided CD-ROM, click Setup, (you might need an Administrator's password), then click "Easy Install".
  2. Click Install.
  3. The Pro-1 comes with two connectivity options: USB and Ethernet. Select the option "Use the printer via USB", but stay tuned-we will cover how to network a PIXMA Pro-1 Printer in the next article.
  4. Agree to the terms, follow the on-screen instructions, and proceed with the installation.
  5. Now, make sure the computer, and the printer are connected via USB.
STEP 4: Print Head Alignment

The next, and final, step is the print head alignment. It will require two sheets of Matte Photo Paper (MP-101, included), and it will take about seven minutes to complete.

If for some reason you want to do this later simply click "next", but I strongly recommend following this step.

Click "execute". When the second page of the pattern is printed, the Pro-1 setup is complete and you can start enjoying your printer.

The Setup process has been successfully completed.

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