Brent Ramsey
Brent Ramsey

Brent Ramsey has spent over thirty years in the cinematography field where he has worked on television programs, films and commercials. He is currently a Canon Technical Advisor for our motion picture equipment.

Free Firmware Upgrades Add Increased Functionality and Controls to the Cinema EOS C100 Digital Video Camera

September 04, 2013

Responding to input from the motion picture and television production communities, Canon has announced a number of significant firmware upgrades for Cinema EOS and XF300/305 series cameras. The EOS C500 will receive some major enhancements while the EOS C100 and EOS C300 are both due to receive updates adding increased functionality and user improvements. Additionally, the XF305 and XF300 series cameras will receive GPS support and improved tele-converter capabilities. These updates are designed to extend image capture capabilities, increase operational convenience, enhance the versatility of recorded files and facilitate post-production workflow efficiency, particularly with regard to maintaining industry standard color values. Let’s take a look at these new firmware updates for the Cinema EOS C100 Digital Video Camera.

ISO up to 80,000

With the ISO range of up to 80,000, the C100 image sensor will be more sensitive to light than ever before. Filmmakers in need of that extra boost can now record shots in low-light conditions where ambient light is at a premium or practically non-existent. This low-light option may help you get a shot you could have previously missed and is squarely one of those camera resources that’s comforting to know you have – should you ever need it – in any extreme low-light circumstance. This gives the shooter more control and makes the camera even more versatile in dark situations.

Menu Navigation now possible from Buttons on the Camera Body

This new feature allows for accessing the camera menus even if the Grip Unit is detached. This makes it possible to work with the camera – even in the most minimal of configurations – and still have access to the internal menus. Previously, the camera menus were only accessible through the joystick on the Grip Unit, but with this update, buttons on the rear of the camera under the built-in monitor can be assigned as follows: Button#1 – SET, Button#2 – UP, Button#4 – LEFT, Button#5 – DOWN, Button#6 – RIGHT.

Ability to Shift the Magnification Location

Users will now be able to manually shift the magnification location to one of 25 different locations using the joystick. Previously, the EOS C100 allowed only for magnification to the center of the frame. Now, the user will be able to select and magnify to precise areas of the frame where focus is most critical, even if it’s off-center.

Record Button Lock

The lock setting on the Key Lock now makes it possible to lock all operations, including the record button. This helps prevent accidental operation or changing of any functions assigned to external buttons and dials. Previously, the Key Lock position locked everything except record.

Peripheral Illumination Correction for New EF & Cine Lenses

This new firmware upgrade will add Peripheral Lens Correction for an additional 14 new EF lenses including the EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x, the EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM, the EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM and EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM, and seven of the new Canon CN-E series cinema lenses including the CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 L and CN-E 30-105mm T2.8 L S compact cinema zooms, the CN-E 14mm T3.1 L F cinema prime, CN-E 50mm T1.3 L F and CN-E 85mm T1.3 L F cinema primes, the CN-E 24mm T1.5 L F cinema prime, and the CN-E 135mm T2.2 L F cinema prime. This valuable lens correction feature maintains even illumination from corner to corner across the image and virtually eliminates vignetting or any unevenness of light.

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