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Canon Quick Tips: Watch and Learn Directly from Canon's Technical Advisors

March 26, 2015

In our new Quick Tips series, you get to watch and learn right from Canon Digital Learning Center experts!

Each video will feature a Canon Technical Advisor offering a helpful imaging tip, sharing a unique product insight, or explaining a key technology. New videos will be added regularly, so check back to keep expanding your Canon knowledge base.


NEW Importance of shutter speed     
Find out how shutter speed can influence your video(s) and how to set your shutter speed, based on frames per second.
Learn how this creative effect, where you combine 2-9 separate images into one, can be achieved in your DSLR.
Still Frame Extraction from 4K video     
Learn how to extract stills from 4K video files from the EOS-1D C to be used as prints or support material.
Manual Focus and STM lenses     
Find out which steps you have to take prior to using an electronically powered manual focus system.
Back Button AF     
This custom function allows you to move the AF activation from the shutter button to the rear buttons instead.
Magnification Shift     
This Cinema EOS feature lets you to zoom in to check focus on subjects not located near the center of the frame.
Highlight Tone Priority     
When photographing light colored subjects in a bright environment, this feature helps maintain details.
Dust Delete Data     
This feature minimizes dust spots in images from dust adhering to the sensor.
Printer Profiles     
Learn how the correct printer profile and paper type can help create accurate tones and colors in prints.
Wireless File Transmitter     
The Wi-Fi accessory, WFT-E6A, turns your Canon EOS C300, C500, EOS-1D X or EOS-1D C into a wireless server.
RAW Image Fundamentals     
Learn about your DSLR's JPEG and RAW images, their respective workflows and shooting situations.
High Speed Sync     
This Speedlite feature allows you to shoot up to any shutter speed, up to the camera's maximum.
Projector Alignment     
Learn how to properly align your projector for the screen and its lens shift capability.
Quick Control Menu
The ability to rapidly change a variety of camera settings from one screen is possible with this tool.
Wide DR Gamma     
This new gamma setting in the Cinema EOS C100 offers alternatives to post-production processes.
Picture Style explained     
Picture Style allows you to control the color, contrast and sharpness of your final image in-camera.
Waveform Monitor     
Learn how to properly expose a scene with this built-in tool and how it applies to Canon Log.
Radio-Based Wireless Flash     
This technology uses radio signals for the camera to communicate with up to 15 Speedlites.
Double Slot and Relay Recording     
Cinema EOS recording methods are discussed in this video.
Radio Wireless Group Mode     
Learn how to control several groups of Speedlites on-camera.
Custom Pictures     
Use presets or customized settings to aesthetically modify your image in-camera.
Evaluative Metering
See how this metering system analyzes light between picture area and subject and adjusts exposure accordingly.
Assignable Buttons     
Learn how to assign external menu function buttons for your Canon EOS C100, C300 or C500.
Black Balance     
Find out the importance of adjusting black balance and how it affects your RGB images.
See how peaking can be a useful tool when helping to adjust focus on images.
GPS with EOS Cameras     
Discover the features and benefits of using GPS within the EOS system.
Properly Holding a Digital SLR Camera
Learn the proper techniques for holding a Digital SLR camera to create steadier and sharper pictures.
Exposure Modes and Flash
Learn how the Canon EOS SLR flash works in various exposure modes for different results in the finished image.

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