Brent Ramsey
Brent Ramsey

Brent Ramsey has spent over thirty years in the cinematography field where he has worked on television programs, films and commercials. He is currently a Canon Technical Advisor for our motion picture equipment.

Introducing the Canon RC-V100 Camera Remote Control Unit

May 06, 2014

This article was originally published on February 24, 2014 and has been updated to include current product information.

There are many situations when a Camera Assistant, DIT, or video engineer needs to monitor, adjust and change the internal functions of the camera during setup and shoot. This is especially true during live events, when shooting situations can change quickly, and equally important in multi-cam shoots for camera shading or matching tweaks or where the camera may be mounted out of reach like on an auto, jib or crane. Canon has introduced a new product that adds tremendous flexibility for these purposes: the Canon RC-V100, a remote control unit that directly links to the camera’s remote jack via a cable. This unit will provide remote access for the XF300, XF305, XF200 and XF205 and the Cinema EOS C100, C300 and C500 starting in June 2014.

The RC-V100 provides remote access to most of the camera's operational and image adjustment functions, thereby avoiding interruption to the shoot by having to open the camera menus from the camera. A video engineer can be monitoring the image from the camera directly and control the camera at the same time. The RC-V100 has a layout optimized for professional applications and it provides instant camera menu and Custom Picture access. It includes four assignable buttons, ND filters control, Gain/Shutter control, Focus/Zoom control, and image adjustments. Also, it can turn the camera on or off, start and stop recording, initiate image review of recorded material, and show or hide bars or on-screen displays. Common image parameters can be adjusted by using dials, enabling direct control to Auto Knee, Knee Point, Knee Slope, Black Gamma Level, White Balance R/B, Master Black R/B, and Master Pedestal without having to access the Custom Pictures menu. There's even a setup button for customizing the remote control unit. To enhance visibility, the buttons on the RC-V100 are illuminated, enabling use where the lighting is dim, and it gets its power directly from the camera, thereby requiring no external power source.

Using an original Canon protocol, the RC-V100 offers the functions and performance that professionals need in a remote control, offering greater freedom in production environments.

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