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EOS C300 Mark II Resources & Guides

January 30, 2017


This article was originally posted on March 16, 2016 and has been updated with new content/information.

The Canon EOS C300 Mark II is an evolutionary, second-generation CINEMA EOS System model that’s been reworked, redesigned, and reengineered with the valued input of thousands of users worldwide. Starting with a brand new Super 35mm 8.85 MP Sensor, the EOS C300 Mark II offers a dynamic range of 15 stops and an amazing amount of shadow protection thanks to a new Log gamma that’s been created – Canon Log 2.

Check out our articles and videos below, as well as our PDF guides to assist you in setting up the EOS C300 Mark II for shooting.



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  • EOS C300 Mark II Understanding Canon's Log Curves
    This guide is designed to give both a production application based understanding of Canon Log and Wide DR gammas, as well as to explain to post production professionals what to expect when working with them.

  • EOS C300 Mark II Best Practices Guide
    This step-by-step guide covers all the setup basics for prepping the C300 Mark II for a shoot; batteries, assignable buttons, recording media, video configurations, proxy files, main camera functions, the Dual Pixel Auto Focus system, custom picture settings, applying LUTs, clip naming, configuring onscreen displays, and more. It also includes the complete menu system breakdown.

  • EOS C300 Mark II Documentary Quick Start
    This guide is designed to give documentary filmmakers an initial recommendation for configuring the EOS C300 Mark II.

  • EOS C300 Mark II Quick Start for Post Production
    This guide is designed to demonstrate an ideal Post Production workflow when working with media from the EOS C300 Mark II.