Solar Eclipse Pocket Field Guide

August 11, 2017

Written by Dave Henry and Ken Sklute

August 21st is fast approaching, and by now, you've probably read all the articles and have already started packing for the big event. We've created a field guide for you to print out and keep with you on the day of the eclipse, for quick reference just in case. Please click on this link to download the PDF. Good luck!

Click here for more information on photographing the solar eclipse!

SAFETY FIRST: Never look at the sun without accredited and approved solar filtration over your eyes. Permanent, irreversible eye damage and/or blindness can result in seconds. Never point your camera into the sun without an approved solar filter over your camera lens(es). Not using a solar filter at eclipse magnifications will ruin your camera in seconds. Never improvise, modify or use general photography neutral density filters.

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