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Canon XF Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

February 24, 2012

Canon XF Plugin for Final Cut Pro X 2.0 is plug-in software for importing media from compatible XF and Cinema EOS cameras directly into Final Cut Pro X. This plug-in is now available for free download on the Canon website.

To find the plug-in:Follow this link to the to the Drivers & Software area for the EOS C300 (the same plug-in download is also available on the Drivers & Software areas for theXF305, XF300, XF105, and XF100)

Choose Mac OS X v10.7 from the Operating System dropdown menu. In the Software listing below, you should see:

Canon XF Plugin for Final Cut Pro X 2.0 
File Name: xpfm-2-0-0-4-8l.dmg.gz

Directions for download and installation (Mac OS):
1. Confirm that Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 has been installed to the computer.
2. Download "xpfm-2-0-0-4-8l.dmg.gz" from the download page.
3. Double-click "xpfm-2-0-0-4-8l.dmg.gz". After decompressing the file, "xpfm-2-0-0-4-8l.dmg" will be created.
4. Double-click "xpfm-2-0-0-4-8l.dmg". The disk image "XPFM20" will be mounted.
5. Double-click the installer, "UpdateInstaller" in "XPFM20".
6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

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