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EOS C300/C300 PL Firmware Update

June 07, 2012

A new firmware update is available for the EOS C300/C300 PL Cinema EOS Cameras: Firmware Version adds new functionality incorporating the following features:

  • Genlock synchronization can now be used to synchronize the camera’s 24.00P, 24.00PsF, 23.98P, and 23.98PsF input signals.
  • Adds the Korean language to the camera’s menu.
Firmware Version is for EOS C300/EOS C300 PL cameras with Firmware Version through If the camera’s firmware is already Version, it is not necessary to update. Once the camera is updated to the latest version, it cannot be restored to a previous version.

To find the update: Follow this link to the Drivers & Software area for the EOS C300.

From this product page, select your Operating System and OS Version from the dropdown menus, and you should see one of these file descriptions in the Firmware section:

- EOS C300/EOS C300PL, Firmware Version [Windows]

- EOS C300/EOS C300PL, Firmware Version [Mac OS X]

Click on the file description to download the version you need based on your OS.

Preparations for the Firmware Update:

If you perform this firmware update, the menu settings and Custom Picture settings will be reset. Accordingly, it is recommended that prior to performing the update, you save your menu settings and Custom Picture settings to an SD card (different from the one being used for the firmware update). After the firmware update, load the saved settings data back to the camcorder. For details on how to do this, please see the "Saving and Loading Camera Settings" section of the instruction manual for these models.

The downloaded folder contains the firmware and instructions on the firmware update procedure (a PDF file). Be sure to carefully read these instructions before starting the installation.

The following things are required to perform this firmware update:

1. EOS C300 or C300 PL camcorder

2. A computer (note the OS and system requirements in the instructions)

3. A 64 MB or higher-capacity SD Memory Card or an SDHC Memory Card

4. A memory card reader or an SD card slot on the computer

5. A fully charged battery pack for the camcorder

6. Compact power adapter bundled with the camcorder

7. The firmware (the downloaded file)

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