Mason Higa
Mason Higa

Mason currently is at the Canon Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center as a Marketing Associate Specialist, providing on-site support management for the Professional Development Seminars and Workshops in California.

Canon recaps WPPI 2014

March 11, 2014

Photo by Robert Schall


Full disclaimer: this was my first year attending the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) tradeshow and I loved it. Yup, that’s right… I loved it!

I’m one of those individuals who love photography and I view our current sociological climate as the decade of the photo. In case you don’t agree with me, here are my top three reasons… because everyone loves lists!

  1. The word “Selfie” was recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
  2. 400 billion photos have been shared on Facebook.
  3. High resolution digital screens are improving.

When it comes to taking photographs, there is also an increase in social awareness – people are sharing their photos in mass quantities and on screens that have never looked so good. But how does this relate to WPPI?

The WPPI tradeshow is the most popular tradeshow dedicated to the Wedding and Portrait photography industry. As I walked around the show, I was frantically rushing around and trying to soak in all of the booths, check out all the new offerings, shaking hands and saying hello.

Photo by Robert Schall


But one of the most important areas I experienced was our Canon Print Gallery and the WPPI 16 x 20 Print Competition. I was surrounded by one of the best collections of contemporary photographs that were made by people I’ve never heard of and, internally, I was dying of jealousy. I was starstruck, witness to unknown faces, allowed entry to view parties all over the world and, most importantly, felt invigorated and inspired. At that moment, I wanted to collect every photo I’ve ever taken and go to all of my hard drives and press the delete button.

There were hundreds of printed photographs on display. Each photograph was an incredible work of art and, collectively, an indicator of the photography industry. Photographs are here to last. Printing your photographs are here to last. The camera is here to last. The moment is here to last.

Photo by Robert Schall


We are a part of an industry that thrives on creativity, in a world that honors its creatives.

You hear the stories from folks; “oh… you’ve got to attend WPPI.” Why? It’s just a tradeshow. Do yourself a favor – take a moment and disconnect from the Internet. You have to be there in person for the full experience and I’ll definitely be there next year!

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