Mason Higa
Mason Higa

Mason currently is at the Canon Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center as a Marketing Associate Specialist, providing on-site support management for the Professional Development Seminars and Workshops in California.

Real vs Reality? Transformative Experiences

November 24, 2015

Photo by Mason Higa


Once upon a time, photos were made to be created and shared amongst a few family members and guests. As a kid, a photo of Aunt Connie hung on a wall and I dreamed about visiting her in California because I knew if I did, I was going to go to Disneyland.

Travel back in time and perhaps you indulged in utilizing slide film to show off the family vacation by sitting in your comfy couch and reliving those magical moments of vacation through a projector.

Sounds like a story your older relatives would tell you about.

For me, I fell in love with photography because of theses experiences and, even more so, by taking film to the local drug store to be turned into a prize of 36 exposures. Now, before I go too far and cause you think that I’m not appreciating the way technology has changed the world, I will make a confession to being a serial technologist – if it has a screen, buttons and electricity, I can be entertained like a cat with catnip.

So where am I going with all of this? Well… Once upon a time, I had photos that provided me a daily reminder of who I was and am. Our life experiences shape who we are as people. At my home, I now have a photo of my grandma, sister and I celebrating my grandma’s birthday. It’s not a fancy photo; it sits mounted in a simple frame on my entry credenza.

That is a moment in time that takes me back 20 years and makes me smile every morning. It is my daily reminder of who I have been and who I want to be.

So what hangs on your entry wall? What memory defines you as a person?

Fortunately for me, part of my job is to help create lasting moments and shared experiences for a small group of people on our Canon Live Learning Destination Workshops. Last month, we conducted two workshops in Yosemite with Canon Explorer of Light, Jennifer Wu. That experience has changed me.

Yosemite is majestic and legendary; Yosemite induces a transformative experience. You will feel like a tiny little person amongst the giant sheer granite walls. The valley is immaculate and will take your breath away. If you have never been to Yosemite, take this opportunity to stop reading and check out their website.

Now that you’re back, I’ll make an even better suggestion… Join Canon and Jennifer Wu next year for our workshop in Yosemite (we’ll be posting the dates and times for 2016 soon). What you’ll get out of it is a lasting experience, amazing photos and a print that you’ll be able to hang on your wall. When friends and family come to your place, the first thing they will see is your photo and every morning you’ll be able to relive fond memories, just like I have.

Photo by Mason Higa

Photos in this blog post are prints of past attendee photos, printed out as 13” x 19” with the Canon PIXMA PRO-1.

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