Jennifer Wu @xjenn3
Jennifer Wu @xjenn3

Jennifer Wu is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles. Her recent work spans across various platforms, shooting for companies such as Lin & Jirsa, Thuzio Executive Club, and Something Social. Past projects she collaborated with include Airbnb, House of Ccuoco by Candice Cuoco, and Chelsea Ma.

Traveling Light with the Canon EOS M6

January 12, 2018

The air is crisp and calm. The soft, billowy grass slowly awakens around you as you make your way through the path. Birds try to communicate with you, asking you “where did you wander from?” and “what brings you here?” The answer emerges from behind the pines as a breathtaking view reflects towards you.

If you ask me, one of my favorite parts about traveling is capturing what I discover. My memory has always been one of my worst attributes, so freezing the moment in time is a wonderful way for me to remember my adventures. I normally will bring my EOS 5D Mark III kit everywhere I go but sometimes when you want a quick shot, mirrorless sensors have made it easier to travel due to their lightweight frame, without having to compromise quality.

To really get a hands-on feel of Canon’s EOS M6, I decided to bring it up to Vancouver on a recent trip to record a fun video of my adventures there. It was super easy to use thanks to the swivel screen and I could carry it easily in my backpack on our hikes near Mt. Hermon. I think the swivel screen is incredibly helpful for hard-to-reach shots, especially if you’d like to make a guest appearance in your vlog to talk about your experiences. In cases where you might want full body shots, the M6 even has Wi-Fi© capabilities so you can remotely control it and visualize the screen from the Canon Camera Connect App you can download for your smartphone. I thought this was a game changer for me because now you don’t need to depend on anyone to click that shutter button and can just rely on a simple tripod and your phone to make the magic happen.

The Bluetooth capability on it is also amazing especially when you need a strong uninterrupted connection to transfer your files. This is definitely one attribute of the M6 that I wish my DSLR had because there are so many times I wish I had the photos on hand already to share with the world or even a friend who might want them instantly so they can enjoy them sooner. Traveling is about being in the moment and embracing your surroundings, so I’m really glad that I found a camera that minimizes the time and effort to do so.

A breath of fresh air calms your mind, the click of the shutter echoes around the stillness of the forest. Free to wander, free to explore, free to capture.

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