Jennifer Wu @xjenn3
Jennifer Wu @xjenn3

Jennifer Wu is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles. Her recent work spans across various platforms, shooting for companies such as Lin & Jirsa, Thuzio Executive Club, and Something Social. Past projects she collaborated with include Airbnb, House of Ccuoco by Candice Cuoco, and Chelsea Ma.

Stay in Touch with the EOS 5D Mark IV

May 17, 2018

Let’s redefine the “hands-on experience” and venture into the world of touchscreen technology. While it has been around for a long time, I never really thought of integrating it with my photography. It seemed almost childish to look at your screen in Live Mode and click the screen to capture a photo.

It wasn’t until I actually got my hands on an EOS 5D Mark IV that I realized what I was missing. The biggest reason I’d switch from my 5D Mark III would be the ability to capture the focus with your finger. Especially for hard-to-reach angles such as flat lays, it’s way easier to position the camera where you want it and then click where you’d like the focus to be vs. having to position your body awkwardly to reach the shutter button. Also, if you need to shoot a person at a difficult angle and find yourself teetering off the edge of a building to get that sweet spot, save some effort by just clicking the screen (just don’t drop your camera). It does free up arm length and flexibility with how you can turn the camera, so it’s an enormous plus to have. Side bonus, if you want someone to take a photo of you, it’s super easy for them to use your camera because all you have to tell them is “click my face, kind stranger.”

I’ve integrated this into my own photography and found it incredibly helpful especially when interacting with my clients. After a shoot is over, I usually hand over my camera so my clients can rate the images they absolutely must have edited. On my EOS 5D Mark III, in order to see their facial expressions, my clients would need to zoom in manually by using the toggles and zoom buttons on the camera, which does take a decent amount of time if you’re sifting through hundreds of images. The Mark IV, on the other hand, has the intuitive touchscreen that allows the familiar gestures of pinch with two fingers to zoom in and out as well as swipe through your images like my clients would do on their smartphones, saving a good amount of time for you and your client.

I was a little skeptical about the touch function in the beginning, but after spending two romantic weeks with the 5D Mark IV, I’ve become quite attached and it is the beginning of a very “touching” love story.

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