Richard Villa

Richard Villa
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Richard Villa has tried to combine three of his passions throughout his career: technology, training and travel. 

While completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing at California State University Long Beach, Richard worked as a tour guide aboard the retired ocean liner RMS QUEEN MARY. For fun, he travelled the “high seas”, seeking out former ocean liners, which had been repurposed as cruise ships. He enthusiastically captured these adventures with his Canon AT-1 35mm film camera. 

Richard joined Canon USA as a Product and Sales Trainer in 2007 and is based out of the Irvine office in California. When Richard is not travelling to trade shows and photo specialty printer events across the USA, he resides in south Orange County. 

Richard has been fortunate to travel to 46 states during his professional career and looks forward to his regular adventures through America’s airports and hotels.

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