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Eric Curry
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Eric Curry was born in Los Angeles, vintage 1956. Raised on sugary breakfast cereals, and Saturday morning cartoons, with healthy doses of "Gilligan's Island" re-runs thrown in for good measure. Graduating the public schools system with a solid "C" grade point average, he was clearly destined for greatness, or at least a career in the visual arts.

Continuing on, and completing the curriculum from Art Center College of design in 1980 with a BA in photography, Eric was originally trained and specialized in studio still life / special effects. Eventually Eric made the transition over to location industrial photography, because if affords, as he comments, "A much broader pallet of avenues for creativity."

Coming full circle, it seems appropriate that Eric (through this series of art / documentary images), is now the one making his own visual statement of who and where we are as a nation. Not at all art for the masses, but as he refers to it, "Hyper-photographic industrial art that everybody can enjoy looking at".

Currently, Mr. Curry creates photographs exclusively on location for select clients and him self, taking full advantage of the depth and possibilities afforded by each and every new challenge.

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