Dan Neri

Dan Neri

Dan has been taking photos for more than 20 years – starting with a manual SLR for a bit, then eventually upgrading to a Canon EOS Rebel G. More lenses eventually got added to the camera bag, more film was getting used (and wasted) and Dan eventually honed his skills enough to start shooting professionally. Shooting local sport leagues as a freelancer gave Dan the opportunity to build his portfolio and learn the photography business from the front lines.

Eventually, Dan was shooting professional sports for a regional magazine and started covering high school sports for a major Long Island newspaper. When the opportunity came to be the official photographer for Formula BMW USA, Dan jumped at the chance and fulfilled a dream to shoot motorsports professionally.

More opportunities came up to shoot on a freelance basis and when Dan wasn’t on the road covering various sporting events, he was working on the counter at a local photo retailer, selling photo and video equipment and teaching classes on a variety of subjects.

While still shooting as a freelancer, Dan also is an avid wildlife photographer both above and below the water and has photographed a wide variety of species, including birds of prey, manatees and sharks. Airshows are another one of Dan’s photography passions and he has won awards for his photographs of military fighter jets and US Armed Forces flight demo teams.

He is currently a Technical Specialist for Canon USA, specializing in professional EOS cameras, lenses, and printers.

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