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Laura Morita
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Laura, a professional child and family photographer, has a love of photographing children and families that is contagious. She also has a love for teaching and enjoys when she sees the lightbulb come on when her students understand a concept. She teaches online editing workshops, presented on child photography and editing at Click Away 2014, and gave several presentations on child photography at Canon's Live Learning San Francisco center in 2014. Her goal is to make the process of photography fun, while still teaching the technical aspects to help your photography go from “blah” to “ta-da!”

Laura began honing her eye for photography long before she knew how to use a camera. She spent years learning from her father, a talented photographer and a natural teacher, who gave slideshows of his slide film when she was younger. Those early lessons on composition, light, and visual impact still influence how she shoots today. He remains her biggest fan and best critic to this day. 

Laura first started shooting with a Canon EOS Rebel when her second child was one year old. For the first year, she kept the dial on “Auto” until she was truly ready to learn how to take control over her camera and have creative freedom. Now, eight years later, she is taking beautifully posed and candid portraits, which are colorful, fun, full of life and, most of all, capture the essence of her subjects. She hopes to pass on her knowledge to you so that you can take better pictures of your loved ones.

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