Jennifer Wu @xjenn3

Jennifer Wu @xjenn3
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Jennifer Wu is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles. Her recent work spans across various platforms, shooting for companies such as Lin & Jirsa, Thuzio Executive Club, and Something Social. Past projects she collaborated with include Airbnb, House of Ccuoco by Candice Cuoco, and Chelsea Ma.

Because of the huge influencer market found in Los Angeles, Jennifer has found herself utilizing the city’s versatile backdrop as her canvas. Her car has become a mobile changing room, coffee shops are her best friend, and scaling rooftops/scoping out hidden areas have become routine. If she’s not dangling off the side of a fire escape, lying on the floor, or squatting among random plants to get her shot, she’s not satisfied. You can find her most recent work on her instagram at @xjenn3 and her portfolio at

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