Scott Siegel

Scott Siegel
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Scott Siegel started his photographic journey as a photographer for the Oberlin Review newspaper. He then began a long and varied freelance film photography career which included visually documenting car accidents for law firms, social event photography and creating specialty photographic invitations for clients utilizing darkroom techniques that manipulated the images manually and altered the picture components to match the client's event.

Scott has extensive underwater photography experience both in film and digital photography, having worked in the Virgin Islands for parts of nearly 20 seasons using both film and digital equipment doing photography for local dive shops and their customers. He also has done product photography for a number of internet sites.

Scott also has an extensive business background having managed a wholesale distribution company in which he trained and supervised retail sales personnel. He has worked in the electronics industry as a brand advocate calling on retail establishments. Most recently he has represented two different camera manufacturers as a brand advocate, trainer and educator calling on photo specialty stores. Scott graduated from O

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