CN-E 14.5–60mm T2.6 L SP

Canon's new wide-angle to moderate telephoto zoom for highest-end cinema shooting – the "SP" designation means it has the industry-standard PL lens mount. Optically identical to its EF-mount counterpart, it's an optical and mechanical tour-de-force, targeting the most critical working DPs and camera operators. Optics are superb, truly ready for 4K shooting (exceeding the requirements of any current HD system), with virtually no problems such as "breathing" or focus changes during zooming. Mechanically, it's totally first-rate, from its smooth focus, zoom and iris rotations, to its resistance to expansion from solar heat.

  • PL-mount zoom lens, for Canon C300 PL and virtually any third-party PL-mount film or digital cine camera with Super 35-size or smaller sensor (will not cover "full-frame" sensors)
  • Uncompromised professional design: consistently sharp images; 11-blade iris for beautiful background blur, and incredibly precise and smooth ring rotation (300˚ rotation for focus, 160˚ for zoom ring, and 63˚ for iris ring)
  • Wide and constant T2.6 maximum aperture – excellent for natural-light recording
  • Uniform gearing position for easy changes to Canon's new 30–300mm lens
  • Together with Canon's CN-E 30-300mm T2.95–3.7 L SP, an ideal working lens set for cine or TV shooting

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