CN-E 30–300mm T2.95–3.7 L SP

A new Canon telephoto zoom lens that targets the absolute pinnacle of the cinema and broadcast TV market. This "SP" version has the industry-standard PL mount, so it's ready for any PL-mount cine film or digital camera, including Canon's EOS C300 PL. It covers a zoom range from standard to long tele, and does so with optical quality that's designed to meet the needs of true 4K recording. Like all Canon CN-E lenses, the mechanical quality is a match for the optical performance, with world-class precision and control smoothness.

  • PL-mount version of Canon's 30–300mm tele zoom lens – compatible with nearly any cine camera (film or digital), Super 35 or smaller (will not cover "full-frame" image sensors)
  • Designed to meet the needs of critical DPs and camera operators: almost total lack of "breathing" during focus changes, or focus shifts during zooming
  • An ideal match with Canon's CN-E 14.5–60mm wide-angle zoom lens
  • Uniform front diameter and gear locations with the CN-E 14.5-60mm lens, so it's easy and quick to change from one to the other on-set or on-location
  • Also available in Canon EF lens mount version – "S" at end of model name

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