CN-E 50mm T1.3 L F

A host of optical and mechanical enhancements make this CN-E50mm T1.3 LF lens a supreme choice for available-light cine and TV recording, and its 11-blade iris provides simply stunning out-of-focus highlights. Mechanically, it's designed to be at-home with the most discriminating professionals, with super-smooth – and totally manual – focus and iris ring controls, and standard placement of gear rings for quick changes to other EF Cinema fixed-focal length lenses. The front barrel diameter is a consistent 114mm for all Canon Cinema Prime Lenses, simplifying fitting into matte boxes or when using front-end accessories like filters and shades.

  • Optics optimized for cine recording, and image quality/resolution meeting the demands of 4K digital cinema recording
  • "F" at end of the lens name = full-frame coverage, and with a Canon EF lens mount, it’s ideal for the Cinema EOS series of cameras, as well as full-frame EOS HD-SLRs
  • Totally professional design: super-smooth mechanics, with 300˚ rotation of the manual focus ring, and compatibility with most 3rd-party geared focus accessories
  • 11-blade lens iris, and stepless iris control ring
  • Superb available-light lens with short-telephoto field of view on Super 35-size cameras (EOS C300 and APS-C), and normal coverage on full-frame EOS HD-SLRs

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