EF 100–400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II

One of the industry’s most important lenses for nature, wildlife and travel shooters has been totally redesigned. Covering the same zoom range, handling has completely changed with the Version II lens’s two-ring zooming, which adds a new adjustment ring to vary zoom tension. Optically, it’s completely new and superior to the previous version. Improvements are everywhere: up to 4 stops of Image Stabilization correction, minimum focus cut nearly in half, and even a slot in the (included) lens hood for easy adjustment of polarizers and similar filters. For portable, long-telephoto shooting, this is a lens that will be on many shooters’ short list.

  • Totally new optics, combining a fluorite and large-diameter Super UD-glass element — image quality superior to the previous generation 100–400mm lens
  • New Canon ASC (Air Sphere Coating) internally combines with traditional Super Spectra multi-coating to further reduce flare, especially in back-lit situations
  • New removable tripod mount: fixed rotating collar and removable tripod-mount section
  • Compatible with Version II and III EF 1.4x and 2x extenders
  • Image Stabilization includes Mode 3: IS actually starts when shutter button is fully pressed, providing correction during actual exposure but without visual effects and possible IS “back-lash” when following rapidly-moving subjects

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