EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

The least-expensive of Canon's 100mm f/2.8 macro lenses has a long-established track record of excellent overall performance. Like most Canon macros, it focuses continually (with AF or MF) from infinity down to full life-size (1:1, or 1x magnification).* With full-frame cameras, the 100mm focal length means users can back-off from subjects, and still get tight images – often great for dental, medical, or close-ups of live subjects like insects. And if used on smaller-chip cameras, it "acts" like an even longer telephoto, without losing life-size magnification at its closest focus distance.

  • Beautiful performance as a portrait-type telephoto lens, with fast f/2.8 aperture that's great for available-light shooting; an excellent choice for weddings and event candids
  • Compatible with every EOS film and digital SLR; Canon's accessory macro ring lite MR-14EX and twin lite MT-24EX attach directly to the front of lens, without adapters
  • Extremely popular choice among pros for close-up images of live subjects, flowers, and in the studio – excellent sharpness, even at close distances

* Please note: close-up magnification figures remain constant, regardless of sensor size of the Canon EOS digital SLR this lens is mounted to. A smaller sensor may effectively "crop" what the lens can see, but doesn't change the actual magnification size at the imaging sensor plane

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