EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

The second of Canon's professional-grade, f/4 L-series zooms – and in the eyes of some, the perfect standard zoom lens. On a full-frame camera, it covers the range from ultra-wide (24mm) through true portrait-length telephoto, at 105mm, and counters its slower f/4 aperture with Image Stabilization (allowing shutter speeds up to 3 stops slower than without IS). It's thus extremely practical for serious, critical shooters, whether for professional or business purposes, or for personal enjoyment by serious photo enthusiasts.

  • Combination of zoom range, Image Stabilization and sharpness makes this an ideal lens for many documentary users… from photojournalists to business and industrial users
  • Excellent for professional studio and event shooters, with a range covering most needs from large group photos to portraits
  • With its extended tele range, it's a great alternative for portraits, fashion and similar subjects to Canon's 24-70mm lenses

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