EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM

A superb revision of an already legendary lens. The 300mm f/2.8 has always been the choice of pros for its combination of tele power and available-light abilities, while still remaining practical for hand-holding for many users. This new lens is even sharper, focuses closer, has better weather-resistance, and perhaps most impressive is significantly lighter and has better Image Stabilization than ever before. For still or HD video applications, this is a truly premium lens that deserves a look from any serious photographer or organization.

  • Absolutely outstanding image quality: two fluorite elements team-up for unprecedented sharpness and contrast in a 300mm lens
  • New: power-focus option, for smooth focus movement in HD video shooting (user turns ring to left or right to pick direction; two speeds of power focus available; focus stops when user releases ring)
  • Even better suited than before to hand-held or monopod shooting for still images: nearly 1/2-lb (200g) lighter, and Image Stabilization now offers 4 stops of correction (vs. 2 previously)
  • A brilliant choice for pro or institutional users, when telephoto power and wide apertures for light gathering (or that delightful out-of-focus background "look") are desired

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