EF 35mm f/2 IS USM

On full-frame cameras, a 35mm wide-angle lens for decades has been regarded as the primary, standard lens by many photojournalists, travel and street photographers.  Canon totally updates this classic lens, including image stabilization with up to 4 stops of shake-correction (many users will be able to safely hand-hold at speeds as slow as ½-second!), and its bright f/2.0 aperture makes it faster than any wide-angle zoom.  For full-frame shooters who routinely use ultra-wide lenses, this compact, light yet solid lens would be an appealing alternative when only modest wide-angle images are needed.  And for any zoom user, this would be a compact and very fast wide-angle option to have in the camera bag.

  • Also works nicely on APS-C sensor size SLRs, giving same angle of view as a 56mm lens would on a full-frame camera
  • Excellent wide-angle choice for environmental portraiture, with minimal distortion, great sharpness, and fast f/2.0 aperture
  • AF performance is excellent, with smooth and virtually silent ring-type Ultrasonic motor; Full-time manual focus available via large focus ring, even when lens is still in AF mode
  • Minimum focus distance 9.5 inches (0.24m); fills the frame with a subject about the size of a US dollar bill, with a full-frame camera

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