EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II USM

What has historically been THE standard lens for pro sports shooters may now enjoy similar status with high-end nature and wildlife users, because of the stunning weight reductions of the newest "Version II" lens. Now approximately the same weight as the previous-generation 500mm f/4 lens, but offering f/2.8 lens speed, this lens suddenly has become practical for applications like motorsports, birds in flight, and similar situations. Its limited depth-of-field effects and telephoto "compression" make it appealing for HD video users, and it now has a new Power Focus mode, for super-smooth video focusing.

  • Two fluorite elements combine for even better sharpness than previous EF 400mm f/2.8 IS version
  • Incredible weight loss (more than 3 pounds/1450g lighter than previous version) suddenly makes this a potentially practical lens for many new uses
  • 4-stop Image Stabilization correction (vs. 2 stops on previous version); especially useful for monopod operation
  • No longer just a "sports lens": its optical characteristics, sharpness and telephoto power make it attractive for HD video, outdoor fashion, and many other non-traditional situations

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