By far, this is the smallest, lightest lens in the EF line-up.  A true EF lens, and thus useable on any EOS SLR or video camera (including full-frame models), this superb new normal lens breaks new ground with its excellent optical qualities — making it one of the finest “pancake” lenses in the world today.  STM technology provides a focus motor that’s ideal for movie servo AF with the latest EOS SLRs:  smooth, quiet and steady.  Manual focus is actually electronic:  turning the focus ring causes the STM motor to actually drive the focusing elements in the lens.

  • A modern-day classic standard lens — super-compact, fast f/2.8 max aperture, yet affordable
  • Equivalent to 64mm coverage when used with APS-C sensor digital SLRs (EOS 7D, 60D, and Rebel series) — still falls within the “standard lens” field of coverage
  • STM (stepping motor) technology targets Canon’s new movie servo AF: focus motor is designed to work in the rapid, smooth steps required for continuous focus during video with HD-SLRs
  • Super-smooth and positive electronic manual focus; Full-time manual focus possible if camera custom functions set to provide “back-button” AF operation (just turn focus ring to instantly manually focus)

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