EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM

Historically, the 500mm f/4L has been renowned for its super-telephoto power, relatively fast aperture, and modest size and weight. The newest "Version II" lens shaves off an impressive 1.5 pounds (approx. 680g), and gets better sharpness, weather-resistance, Image Stabilization, and closer minimum focus. Tripod-mounted, it's great for long-range HD video shooting as well, with a new Power Focus mode that gives smooth, two-speed focus at the turn of a ring. Barely heavier than past-generation 300mm f/2.8 lenses, this remarkable telephoto appeals to a broad range of pro photographers as well as critical business users.

  • THE standard pro lens for wildlife, bird and nature shooters, as well as motorsports, and sports such as skiing, which require lots of movement to follow subjects
  • New: Mode 3 Image Stabilization – IS starts only when shutter button has been fully depressed (almost instant start-up time), so that finder image doesn't show stabilized effects during long-term viewing (IS gives up to 4 stops of correction)
  • Compatible with EF 2x, AF at Center AF point with 45-point AF systems, and (after camera firmware upgrade) with 61-point AF systems

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