The high-end, L-series version of the classic 50mm standard lens. This lens offers not only a wider aperture than the f/1.4 version, but substantially stronger mechanical durability and smoother manual focus operation as well. It's simply superb for available-light shooting, either in very dim conditions, or when the shooter can get fairly close and simply wants to throw backgrounds out of focus. And of course, it does all this brilliantly when shooting video as well, whether with a full-frame camera, or on a smaller-sensor camera like the EOS 7D.

  • Possibly a better choice for hard-working business or professional photographers, because of its added durability and mechanical strength
  • Superior optical quality: good wide-open, and superb when stopped-down slightly – a fantastic lens for shots of people when photographer can work relatively closely to them
  • Great available-light characteristics – one of the fastest lenses of its type in the digital SLR world today; brilliant "look" in still and video imagery
  • Works beautifully for documentary shooting, particularly in areas or situations where photographer can’t use flash or add light to scene

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