The classic "standard" lens for years in the EOS line-up… good performance, relatively compact and light, and affordable. It remains a great lens for available light work, and for environmental portraits. And now, for video, it's an easy way to get that dreamy look of limited depth-of-field, without a huge cost investment. This lens is used by enthusiasts and pros for subjects as wide-ranging as wedding candids to available-light sports, and is an easy lens to add to a photographer's collection, even if he or she is normally a committed zoom lens shooter.

  • Excellent choice for any type of documentary shooting, especially if/when it has to take place in available light (including documentary video, showing "how-to" processes)
  • Can be a great lens for shots of people, when photographer is either working with subjects (studio fashion, environmental portraits, etc.), or in situations where he/she can approach subjects (candids at events, weddings, and so on)
  • Two full stops faster than f/2.8 lenses, so it's a valuable addition that doesn't take up much bag space and is priced within reach of many serious users

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