The least-expensive lens in the EOS system has always been a great choice for students on a budget, looking for a sharp but very affordable lens with a wide aperture. With the advent of digital SLRs, this lens has further cemented its reputation as one of the best values in photography. Used on an APS-C size sensor body (EOS Rebel series, EOS 60D, etc.), this lens provides the equivalent of 80mm coverage, making it a terrific choice for portraits and available light work.

  • Ultra-lightweight, but with good optical design and fast f/1.8 aperture for great available-light performance
  • Great choice at an incredible price for low-light documentary work, or as an affordable extra-lens alternative to zoom lenses for working pros (wedding shooters, industrial users, even law enforcement when called to shoot in very dimly-lit conditions)
  • Can be used on any EOS camera body: acts like traditional standard lens on full-frame bodies; like slightly longer 65mm on EOS-1D cameras; and like portrait-length 80mm when used on cameras with 1.6x "crop factor"

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