EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro

This super-compact and lightweight macro lens is deceptive: beneath its unassuming exterior lurks outstanding contrast and sharpness, perhaps the best correction of linear distortion in the EOS system (ideal for copying artwork, documents and so on), and focusing capability from infinity to 1/2-life size (0.5x magnification). It's the ideal lens for EOS-1D cameras or full-frame models when you want less working distance between subject and lens – such as working on a copy stand, or photographing large, flat artwork.

  • Fast f/2.5 maximum aperture makes it a practical all-around "standard" lens for general shooting, with instant ability to focus (AF or manual focus) down to 1/2 life size
  • Maximum magnification 1/2-life size (0.5x); full life-size (1:1, or 1x) possible when optional Canon Life Size Converter is attached between lens and camera body*
  • Can be mounted onto any Canon EOS body, regardless of model; an ideal and affordable entry into a true macro lens
  • "Floating”" optical system means excellent sharpness at all focusing distances, not merely when focused close for small-object shooting; lens offers true flat-field correction for sharp images of flat subjects, such as artwork

* Please note: close-up magnification figures remain constant, regardless of sensor size of the Canon EOS digital SLR this lens is mounted to. A smaller sensor may effectively "crop" what the lens can see, but doesn't change the actual magnification size at the imaging sensor plane.

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