EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM

A totally new design, and a totally new lens concept: the optics and strong build quality of a Canon L-series lens, in a relatively compact package. It's the perfect step-up for critical users who currently use a consumer-grade tele zoom lens, or for those who want more reach than a 70–200mm provides, but at less weight than a 100–400mm L-series lens. For critical users covering outdoor events, and needing to go that next step beyond the mid-range lenses, this may be the right place to look.

  • An ideal zoom lens for outdoor event coverage, such as candids at weddings and similar applications
  • Super-smooth mechanical operation and build quality; zoom ring (at front of lens) falls right where user's left hand typically would hold the lens, for quick operation without need to re-locate user's hand
  • Powerful ring-type USM, so AF is faster and more responsive than with most mid-range tele zooms
  • Equivalent to a 480mm lens (in terms of angle of coverage) when used on cameras with 1.6x "crop factor", such as EOS 60D or EOS 7D

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