EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM

A truly revolutionary new lens that answers multiple needs, and provides users of SLRs with smaller imaging sensors the ability to get the same type of ultra-wide fisheye coverage that full-frame users have traditionally enjoyed. With full-frame EOS digital SLRs, it can be either a "full-frame" 180˚ fisheye, or at the 8mm zoom setting, a unique "circular" fisheye that generates a totally circular image, surrounded by a black outer area. Its flexibility will open the creative imaginations of both still and video shooters!

  • Brilliant fisheye choice, providing multiple options for the full-frame still or video shooter, and true ultra-wide “180-degree” fisheye coverage on cameras like EOS 7D or EOS-1D Mark IV
  • Ideal special-purpose lens for HD video — especially dramatic possibilities in situations where the camera will be moved
  • Like the traditional (non-zoom) 15mm fisheye lens, the 8–15mm is a great choice for commercial or documentary photos with a different “look”, for underwater use, as well as for certain specific types of scientific applications
  • Suggested zoom settings:
    • 8mm – completely circular images with full-frame digital SLRs
    • 10mm – full 180-degree images with APS-C / 1.6x type sensor SLRs (EOS 7D, etc.)
    • 12mm – full 180-degree images with EOS-1D models (APS-H / 1.3x sensors)
    • 15mm – full 180-degree images with full-frame SLRs

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