EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM

A classic low-light favorite of professional shooters everywhere, and a lens that HD video users are increasingly turning to for its amazing "look" and ability to throw backgrounds delightfully out of focus. Those same benefits can be seen even outdoors in daylight – this lens has long been a favorite of fashion and portrait photographers for location work. Always a tack-sharp lens, the recent "version II" offers slightly faster AF operation than its predecessor.

  • Incredible f/1.2 maximum aperture means the lens can shoot at realistic shutter speeds, even in candlelight often, without need to raise ISOs sky-high
  • Outstanding portrait-length short telephoto when used on full-frame cameras; effectively "acts" like even longer f/1.2 lens with EOS-1D models (110mm), or cameras with 1.6x crop factor sensors (136mm equivalent)
  • Near-silent Ultrasonic Motor used for AF as well as manual focusing; MF ring therefore has extremely light feel, and allows easy subtle manual adjustments
  • Always popular among working professional photographers, this lens has potential applications with business or government shooters (military, etc.) who need to document events in very dim lighting conditions – especially if there's a need to step back from the subject

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