A short, portrait-length telephoto lens that can almost be called an "insider’s lens". If you really know your photo gear, then you realize how useful and how good this lens is. It's superb for available-light candids, with its fast f/1.8 aperture, and tack-sharp throughout its range. It really comes into its own when used with APS-C type cameras (EOS 7D, etc.), where it's now equivalent of a 135mm lens, with that same fast f/1.8 aperture – making it simply great for candid-type shooting at weddings or events, and for indoor sports where the shooter can get sufficiently close.

  • Compact, light, relatively affordable, and supremely useful for low-light shooting
  • Lens's modest telephoto focal length means it's a good choice for situations where shooter wants to stand back a bit from human subjects – can be a good choice for non-intrusive medical images
  • A wonderful addition to traditional telephoto zooms (like 70-200s), giving much more light-gathering ability in low light, and being easy to carry when not in use
  • Brisk, quick AF (significantly faster than the 85mm f/1.2L version) makes it excellent with all EOS bodies for anything from portraits to indoor basketball action shots

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