EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM

Step-up from kit lenses! That’s the message of this incredibly compact and light-weight lens. It offers a very natural angle of view, with any EF-S compatible Canon EOS camera. Its f/2.8 maximum aperture makes it a nice available-light alternative to standard zooms, and like most fixed focal length lenses, it’s optically excellent. It focuses to about 6 inches (0.16m) from a subject, making it well-suited for close-up shots, too — you can fill the frame with a subject the size of a credit card. Equipped with Canon’s STM (Stepping Motor) AF, it’s likewise a great match with those cameras offering Canon’s super-smooth Movie Servo AF (EOS 70D, etc.).

  • Slight wide-angle view makes it an excellent everyday lens — equivalent to a 38mm wide-angle lens, on a full-frame camera
  • Incredibly slim and lightweight design: barely thicker (front to back) than a US nickel coin, and a perfect compact match with EOS Rebel DSLRs
  • Wide f/2.8 maximum aperture: great in low-light (far superior to standard zooms), and nice background blurring when focused on nearby subjects
  • EF-S lens: designed and optimized for “cropped-sensor” Canon EOS D-SLRs*

* Can only be mounted on Canon EOS cameras with APS-C size image sensors and EF-S lens compatibility. As of September, 2014:

EOS Rebel series (all digital versions)

EOS 20D~70D

EOS 7D, 7D Mark II

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