Files from the EOS 5Ds have a new level of fine detail, texture, and large output potential that Canon EOS users simply haven’t seen before. It’s more than just the 50.6 million effective pixel numbers. The doors that the EOS 5Ds opens are many… ranging from landscape and commercial studio product photos to fashion, beauty, astrophotography, and many more. Almost any subject or photographic genre is within reach with EOS 5Ds, especially because its built-in low-pass filter minimizes the chances of false color or occasional moiré patterns with certain patterns and fine details.

  • The power of 50.6 million pixel resolution exists with the same Canon EOS design and shooting experience that’s familiar to thousands of working photographers
  • New 150,000 pixel RGB metering system: tremendous gains in metering for both ambient and E-TTL flash; EOS 5Ds is completely compatible with Canon’s E-TTL flash, including radio-based wireless E-TTL
  • Practical reduced resolution options for both RAW and JPEG shooting, when 50.6 million pixel images aren’t required (or to provide additional lower-resolution files for immediate client review or output)
  • Crop shooting options: shoot full-frame, square, or files cropped to cover the sensor area of 1.3x or 1.6x crop-factor sensor sizes
  • Same 61-point, high-precision AF system as the EOS 5D Mark III

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