Based on the proven EOS 60D, here is a new, limited-production version dedicated to astrophotography with EF lenses and third-party telescopes. The EOS 60Da's 18.1 million pixel CMOS sensor delivers excellent detail, and its IR filtration is altered from the standard EOS 60D to transmit 3x the light in the specific hydrogen-alpha (656nm) range. As a result, phenomena like reddish diffuse nebulae can be recorded with greater effect than with standard digital SLRs. The fully rotating and swiveling vari-angle LCD monitor has over 1 million dot resolution, making Live View a realistic proposition in many astrophotography situations.

  • Live Viewing on LCD monitor is possible, whether the EOS 60Da is used with a telescope or EF lenses; with (included) A/V cable, Live View can be displayed on a TV monitor
  • All standard EOS 60D features intact, including up to 5.3 fps shooting, 9-point AF system, Full HD video recording capability, and timed shutter speeds to 30 full seconds, plus Bulb exposure mode for long exposures
  • Includes special Remote Adapter RA-N3, to allow use of optional Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3
  • AC Adapter Kit ACK-E6 is included, so users have the choice of standard LP-E6 rechargeable battery or AC power
  • Since IR filtration is altered, the EOS 60Da is not recommended for general-purpose photography in daylight

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