EOS C100

Designed for video professionals that find themselves all too often in a single shooter situation, the EOS C100 has a built-in stereo microphone, One Shot Auto Focus, Push Auto Iris, and the most compact body of the entire Cinema EOS product line. Whether covering weddings, sports, or shooting documentaries where long recording times are a must, the EOS C100 will back you up with dual slot or relay recording to standard SD cards. Approximately 85% the size of the EOS C300, this tiny 2.2 lb. camera makes the most of its mobile shooting capabilities as it allows users to configure its accessory parts to the main body in accordance with recording needs.

At the heart of the EOS C100 is the same large Super 35mm 16:9 CMOS sensor used in the EOS C300. This unique Canon sensor produces exceptional depth of field characteristics, and has a high sensitivity to light with very low noise levels. Expand creative expression with 26 Custom Picture settings for customizing camera color and tonal response. Also, the EOS C100 has nine enhanced gamma modes including Canon Log and introduces Wide DR, a completely new gamma based on Rec. 709, with a wide dynamic range similar to Canon Log, smooth gradation, and requiring practically no post-production processing. The EOS C100 utilizes the very popular AVCHD codec utilizing MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression technology, and as a result, will have near universal support when it comes to desktop editing.

  • AVCHD codec with a recording rate of 24Mbps in Full HD 1920X1080 and 4:2:0 color space
  • High-sensitivity recording from ISO 320 to ISO 20000
  • Push Auto Iris adjusts the iris of the lens for proper exposure, and One Shot AF automatically gets focus on the center of the image area
  • Utilizes Canon Log Gamma for a broad dynamic range and exceptional color grading freedom as well as new Wide DR Gamma for enhanced dynamic range without having to rely on post-processing for a pleasing image
  • Canon EF lens mount: uses any Canon EF or EF-S lens, including special-purpose lenses (tilt-shift, etc.), and Canon's professional EF Cinema lenses

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