Two versions of the EOS C300 are available, and the difference is the lens mount: the EOS C300 PL is dedicated to PL-mount lenses, and thus targets the high-end cinema shooter who owns and/or frequently uses existing PL optics. Otherwise, it's essentially identical to Canon's EOS C300: a brilliant, compact and flexible solution for cinema, independent or documentary film, commercial shooting, and broadcast TV. Full HD output (1920x1080) at 23.98P, 29.97P, or 59.94i – as well as a special 24.00P setting to perfectly match existing film – are available. Like the EOS C300, low-light image quality is superb.

  • PL lens mount, for use with Canon's new professional PL-mount digital cinema zoom lenses, or virtually any third-party cine lens with PL-mount
  • Super 35-size CMOS sensor dedicated to video: virtually no "rolling shutter" effect, large enough for easily blurring backgrounds, and resolution of 1,000 TV lines
  • Extremely compact, lightweight and flexible design: electronic viewfinder, multi-position LCD monitor - ideal for anything from hand-holding to tripod use with 3rd-party focus and matte box accessories
  • Full range of connectors: HD/SDI, Genlock, XLR audio, Timecode, HDMI-out, and more
  • Dual CF card slots: reliable, affordable and easily-obtainable memory – cards protected from formatting during recording; back-up recording to 2nd card possible

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