A great accessory to double the effective focal length of whatever lens you're using, without changing its minimum focus distance – so, for example, it can be a tremendous asset to nature shooters photographing small subjects such as birds. But any serious telephoto shooter can enjoy the same benefits. The new Version III 2x extender is optically redesigned for better sharpness and less "color fringing", is stronger and more durable, and offers even better AF accuracy when teamed-up with one of the newest EF "Version II" IS super-telephoto lenses.

  • Can be used with any Canon EF lens that’s officially extender-compatible
  • Can totally transform the character of a lens, doubling its focal length — popular lenses like a 70–200mm are converted into a super-telephoto lens, with little loss in optical performance
  • Superb accessory for shooters who need telephoto power and need to travel light
  • Two stop effective light loss: AF with all EOS bodies when attached to lens f/2.8 or faster; with with 45-point AF cameras, and 61-point AF cameras (after firmware upgrade)
  • IMPORTANT: Compatible with all EOS digital SLRs, and EOS-1v 35mm film SLR — not compatible with earlier EOS film SLR bodies

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