Extender EF 1.4X III

Optically redesigned, for even better sharpness and reduced chromatic aberrations ("color fringing"). Stronger mechanically, with seven screws (instead of four) securing the body side of its mount. And finer AF signal precision to the lens, for higher AF accuracy, when mounted to any of the new-for-2011 Version II super-telephotos (300mm f/2.8L IS II, etc.). These new tele extenders elevate the practical and useful nature of these accessories, making them a perfect addition to the camera bag of any serious EOS digital shooter who's using compatible Canon EF lenses.

  • Superb accessory for serious EOS shooters – can be used on any Canon EF telephoto lens that's officially extender-compatible*
  • Terrific option for wildlife, nature, travel and press shooters who need to travel light, sometimes eliminating the need to carry two or more long telephoto lenses
  • One stop effective light-loss; AF is maintained with any digital EOS body when attached to any lens with f/4 or faster maximum aperture
  • IMPORTANT: Compatible with all EOS digital SLRs, and EOS-1v 35mm film SLR only – not compatible with earlier EOS 35mm film SLRs

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